UMF™ 22+ Mānuka Honey

Highly prized for its unique properties, many people around the world believe in the power of genuine UMF™ mānuka honey from New Zealand.

UMF™ 22+ is very high strength mānuka honey with potent levels of its special biomarkers. World ranked for its quality, Haddrell's UMF™ 22+ was awarded GOLD at the London International Honey Awards in 2023 and 2024. Read more here.

Loved by people with superbly high standards in mānuka honey excellence.

The perfect gift for a special person or for a remarkable occasion.  

Rich, complex, earthy flavour of mānuka.

Available pot size

  • 250 gm
Ways to enjoy

Enjoy a delicious spoonful of this highly potent mānuka honey.  

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Our Story

The Haddrell’s way

Haddrell’s are pioneers of the world’s most precious mānuka honey and this is their story. Since 1993, every drop has been harvested and honed to a superb standard of craftsmanship. Today,these standards remain.

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