Our Story

The Haddrell’s Way

Haddrell’s are pioneers of the world’s most precious mānuka honey and this is their story. Since 1993, every drop has been harvested and honed to a superb standard of craftsmanship. Today, these standards remain and can be found in every pot.

Our Story

Crafted by masters of perfection

People have enjoyed Haddrell’s premium mānuka honey since 1993. This award-winning honey is highly prized and sold by boutique retailers around the world. As pioneers of New Zealand’s precious mānuka honey, Haddrell’s believes in the unique properties of this natural product. Specialising only in UMF™ mānuka honey for guaranteed authenticity, at Haddrell's we care about sustaining the future of this precious honey.

A sacred treasure

A story of care, craftsmanship and perfection

The alchemy of passion and nature

A young family, a dream, 15 broken beehives and a passion for perfection are the main ingredients in this remarkable story. Day-by-day, hive after hive, one bee at a time, they repaired, revived and refined the art of producing the finest mānuka honey.

Sweet devotion

With an unwavering dedication over decades, they’ve cultivated, crafted and shared the best of New Zealand with the rest of world. A single spoon of Haddrell’s carries with it a unique story and an extraordinary experience that’s worth savouring.

Knowledge honed over time

One of the first mānuka honey exporters, Haddrell’s have carefully passed their generational knowledge onto other master beekeepers. This means that every jar is as nuanced and intricate as the last.

From New Zealand with love

These exacting standards have seen Haddrell’s signature mānuka honey go from the picturesque forests of New Zealand to the lofty aisles of boutique retailers. From silver spoon culinary events to humble kitchen pantries, honey connoisseurs the world over, love Haddrell’s.

The Queen’s Guard

Master beekeepers and bee-breeders, they proudly helped lead the UMF™ certification process in New Zealand. From nurturing the queen bee to respecting mother nature, Haddrell’s have always been committed to protecting and preserving our ecosystem.

Our craft begins here

Hive to Pot

Bees form an amazing team. The queen bee, worker bees and drones all know their jobs and together they populate, protect, and maintain the hive, collect the nectar from flowers, and make and preserve the honey. All this work is done with enormous energy and sheer dedication to their tasks. We have great respect for our bees and their life's hard work. Our team takes care of them at every step of the journey from hive to pot. 

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The Haddrell’s Team

Meet the Crown

At Haddrell's our knowledge and skills of honey have been passed down from one generation to the next as we refine the art of beekeeping.

Meet the team
Beekeeping Team Leader

Steve Butcher​

Queen Bee Specialist

Flo Doyayg​

Operations Manager

Joel Perry

Production Manager

Harry Bomans

Honey Optimization Manager

Nick Kuan​

Apiary and Logistics Manager

Andrew George​

Beekeeping Team Leader

Stephen Bugnay​


At Haddrell's we believe in sustaining a thriving ecosystem. 

We follow the best beekeeping principles to protect the health of our bees. They play a critical role as pollinators, which is vital for the reproduction and survival of numerous plant species. We also protect the integrity of the finest mānuka honey possible.

We own and manage 10,000 beehives in some of New Zealand’s best mānuka forests.