Hive to pot

Our craft begins here

Haddrell’s is a protector of our ecosystem through excellent bee keeping practices. We have great respect for our bees and their life's hard work. Follow our team as they take mānuka honey from hive to pot.

Step 1

Where the journey begins

Mānuka trees grow in our native forests mostly found in remote regions of New Zealand.

UMF™ mānuka honey is unique to New Zealand.
Step 2

A hive of activity

We place our hives in these regions to get the best quality honey.

Our hives are strategically placed in remote locations.
Step 3

Caring for our bees

All year round our team takes care of the bees and maintains the hives to ensure they are ready for the mānuka season.

Our beekeepers check the health of our bees.
Step 4

Blooming with goodness

Mānuka flowers bloom for between 2-6 weeks in December, New Zealand's summer season.

Bees extract the nectar from the mānuka flowers.
Step 5

Busy little bees

Our bees collect the unique mānuka nectar from the flowers and bring it back to the hives where they make the honey.

Every bee in the hive has a role to play.
Step 6

A labour of love

Each hive has a number of vertical honey frames which contain honeycomb cells the bees have made. The bees deposit the fresh nectar in the honeycomb cells, fan it with their wings to reduce the moisture, and cap each cell with a wax layer to preserve the honey.

Honey is stored in the hive in vertical frames.
Step 7

Monitoring the hives

When hives have reached their full capacity, or when the mānuka flowering season is over, our team collect the hives and bring them back to our extraction plant.

Our beekeepers work carefully so as not to disturb the bees.
Step 8

Extracting the honey

Each frame is put in a honey extractor which de-caps the wax layer on the honeycomb cells. The frames are spun using the machine's centrifugal force to extract the liquid honey from the cells.

Every frame is carefully handled by our team.
Step 9

Storing our liquid gold

The honey is transferred to drums and stored in optimal conditions allowing it to mature. Every batch of Haddrell’s mānuka honey is tested for its unique properties.

Our honey is stored until it's required.
Step 10

Packaged for honey lovers

Haddrell’s mānuka honey is carefully packaged before being exported the world over for mānuka honey lovers to enjoy a special taste of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Every pot of mānuka honey has been crafted by masters of perfection.