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Through an unwavering dedication to our craft, we share our knowledge of mānuka honey to ensure its authenticity remains, now and for generations to come.


At Haddrell’s, we honour, protect and guard the treasure that is mānuka honey.


We seek to combine the alchemy of passion and nature to produce the gold standard of mānuka honey in every pot.

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What is Mānuka honey?

Rich in flavour, aroma, and unique properties, mānuka is the gold standard of the honey world. Sourced from the nectar of New Zealand’s native mānuka tree, the honey has become increasingly popular in the world of natural remedies and wellness.

The Science

The art & science ofbeekeeping

At Haddrell’s, we’re pioneers of one of New Zealand’s most precious treasures, mānuka honey. Bringing decades of experience to every pot, we specialise only in UMF™ mānuka honey for guaranteed authenticity.


The beauty of
Mānuka honey


Sourced from nature, mānuka honey has a range of uses and applications.


Only found in New Zealand, the unique properties of mānuka honey set it apart.


Mānuka honey’s distinctive sweet taste is enjoyed by honey lovers around the world.

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Answers to all ofYour Questions

What are the benefits of eating honey?

Honey has been eaten by humans for thousands of years. It is a natural sweetener and is a source of the naturally occurring sugars: glucose, fructose and other complex sugars.

How can I be sure this is real mānuka honey from New Zealand?

Honey cannot be imported to New Zealand. Haddrell’s specialises in UMF™ mānuka honey. The UMF™ quality mark guarantees authentic, monofloral mānuka honey and is unique to New Zealand. It is the most comprehensive, independently certified and internationally recognised quality assurance system for New Zealand mānuka honey. It’s designed to validate mānuka honey’s potency, authenticity, purity, and freshness for honey producers, brands, customers and consumers around the world.

What are some common uses for mānuka honey?

Mānuka honey is often eaten as a snack - by the spoonful or in our Snap Packs. It's also a popular addition to hot drinks and is used as a natural sweetener, instead of sugar. Mānuka honey also adds sweetness and flavour to breakfast dishes -spread it on toast, mix into smoothies, stir into porridge, or add to breakfast cereals. And, when required, manuka honey is great for cooking and baking.

Can mānuka honey be taken by children?

Infants under one year of age cannot eat honey. Otherwise mānuka honey is deemed safe for all children over one year who do not have any medical conditions or allergies that prevent them from eating honey.

Is your honey Halal certified?

Yes, all Haddrell’s honey is certified Halal by the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand.

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