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Mānuka honey is super tasty and versatile and is enjoyed by both young and old. Whether it's a snack, spread, sweetener or ingredient, mānuka honey always adds natural energy and sweetness in a delicious way.

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Mānuka honey's unique properties makes it ideal for a range of purposes. Make it an essential part of your health and wellbeing by enjoying Haddrell's mānuka honey as lozenges, in snap packs, or straight from the pot!

UMF™ 5+ Mānuka Honey

UMF™ 10+ Mānuka Honey

UMF™ 13+ Mānuka Honey

UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey

UMF™ 20+ Mānuka Honey

UMF™ 22+ Mānuka Honey

UMF™ 25+ Mānuka Honey

Snap Packs for Kids UMF™ 5+ Mānuka Honey

Snap Packs UMF™ 10+ Mānuka Honey

Lozenges UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey

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