Haddrells of Cambridge produces 100% natural New Zealand bee products, manufactured to the highest quality using environmentally sustainable methods.
Bee products such as honey, bee pollen and propolis have been proven to be beneficial to the health and vitality of both humans and animals.
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Haddrells- honey

Honey Products

We stock a wide variety of Honey products, from UMF® Manuka Honey creams and lotions, Rewarewa honey, bee pollen and propolis.

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Haddrells - Propolis

Bee Pollen

The effects and benefits derived from pollen are many, and can include: sexual prowess, athletic performance and boost immune system.

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Haddrells - propolis


Our bees produce propolis in the hives as a natural defence mechanism against invaders and disease. Propolis protects against harmful bacteria, viruses & fungi.

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Haddrells - UMF Manuka Honey

UMF® Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is from the native New Zealand tea tree and is unique to our country. The Maori people traditionally used Manuka as a medicinal plant.

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